The Metaphysical Fog

Those living in the works of Dario Polvani is the representation of the human condition which is a continuation in snapshots (and sequences)

Those living in the works of Dario Polvani is the representation of the human condition which is a continuation in snapshots (and sequences) in which lines, shapes and colors alternate in lead roles. Often those succumbing to this; Sometimes the roles are reversed, and then the lines are vigorously delimit formal boundaries. But always the colors you soffondono in a unique fog where reality and unreality play suggestively with constant victory (albeit in different degrees of detachment) of the first on the second.

It 'a metaphysical fog that surrounds (and produces) a timeless world, but not abstract, and figures - even when sketchy - are not dummies or ghosts, but credible human presence. This suspension of time means that, even in works devoid of human figures, you experience the echo and the trail of moments of life just lived and others that are coming into being: the lights out of the windows were lit up just before and they will be back soon, and the streets and empty paths, have just been crossed by human footsteps, and they will be even soon.

Rather than depletion, in his works it is found a substantial essentiality. The polvaniana fog does not bear Platonic shadows, unfaithful to reality, deceptive, but performs physical and mental objects (and sentimental) genuinely existing, confesses an intense and sincere experienced artist that manifests itself in a very personal pictorial dimension.

The dream-like effect, although there is, is not the author of a passive abandonment spy in the arms of the dream and / or fantasy, but a touch of style well controlled and that develops aesthetic-existential meditations productive of excellent results figurative. The dream is there, but is measured, controlled, almost sipped. In no case is rampant, and dominates; It remains an instrument of a carefully dosed magic, which does not lead into the open disenchantment. Each work is placed so no doubt within the territory of the truthful, communicating palpable emotions and not virtual or implausible.

What may look like a melancholy figure, not at all. The silent monologues (and dialogue) figures (and among the figures) one by one (and with each other), realize a unique feeling of geometry. Not a tidy sum of loneliness, but a harmonious complex discrete presences. Discretion is one of the main characteristics of the look of Polvani on the world, and descends into the extent that characterizes his works. A measure that is not trivial but cautiously respectful love for what he sees, hears and interprets the canvas. A measure that characterizes an artistic refractory commitment scream or defiant, completely turned to the more solid objective to create an elegant lyricism which calls for 'go' in the metaphysical mist and exploring the world who live there.

Pasquale De Luca